About Sol

Sol is an evolutionary astrologer, writer, lecturer and healer. She runs her business from her cozy office in Bergen, Norway, where she sees clients from allover the world. Other than that you'll find her at the yogastudio, out dancing or with her two kids and two cats, chilling at home.

December 2018

Freedom from Irritation: Sun square Mars-Neptune

They say freedom from irritation (inflammation, agitation) is a sign of liberation or enlightenment. . Or as Ram Dass said it «if you think you are enlightened, try spending a week with your family» . The more aware you become, the easier it is to be angry with this world of abuse, selfishness and corruption [...]

September 2018

Venus retrograde

Shining Venus trembles afar, Earth's Higher Self, and With but one finger touches us. — Ancient Buddhist saying   Well, for those of you who paid attention to the world of astrology of late, you probably read that our Lady Venus, the planet of love, harmony, unity, prosperity and beauty, is in her shadow period getting [...]

June 2018

Summer Solstice: The True, the Good, the Beautiful

Happy Summer Solstice!   The Sun is officially in tropical Cancer and this is a season of love, relationships; internally and externally. It is about finding balance between your needs and any relation you are in, whether it is friendship, with colleagues or lovers.   The Solstice chart has the Moon in Libra in contrast [...]

January 2018

Did you ever get your heart broken? Have it drop to the floor and break like glass, leaving a hollow space of sorrow in your chest? Instead of a glowing light, a rock took its place? Mine’s been broken many times. And I am sure I hurt some too. But I remember the first time. [...]

December 2017

November 2017