2019 is a year of a new beginning spiritually speaking. So many seekers on the path are in a deep process to be able to ground the powerful new visions and create life anew. The search for community, friendship, deeper love, more meaningful work and even your own service to the world is pushing you forward and out of your comfort zone. With a powerful focus in both Capricorn and Sagittarius in 2019, and both Uranus and Chiron finally establishing themselves in a new sign, the road is clearing up and a spiritual spring is in the air.

According to esoteric sources finding your “plan” is of utmost importance for the peace of the individual. And right now the world need more people who are fully conscious of their gifts and who are prepared to walk the path of realization.

In this special offer, we will go deep into the karmic patterns and focus on what is your particular dharma, and how you can use the transits of 2019 to strengthen your psychic immune system, your health, remember your lineage and ground deeper into who you are. We will also look into the transits of Chiron, Saturn, Uranus and the nodal axis/Pluto so that you can get a clearer picture on how you can utilize this energy and maximize the flow.

For this reading, we find and set a pure intention and work from this place to create the needed healing and opening of the energy.

This is a limited offer (available to purchase until the 1st of January) with limited spaces.

You will be given a special mediation that you can download and that will be a part of this process.

Duration: 90 min