And here we are, another fullmoon. This time it is the Sun in Cancer that creates a fullmoon in Capricorn. These two are at the core of identity, family, roots, traditions and society. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn are showing the axis of maturation and growth as a species and as a human being.

In other words, we have to learn to walk before we can run, we have to learn to love to before we have power. And all that in order to actually be safe on earth.

A person who yearns for power before cultivating love, often falls. Or shall we say crashes? The hunger for power is based on our survival instinct in one form or another, but love, hey! that is a whole new level of existing. And we all know it is the path of earth, even though we are stuck in powergames and the love we think we experience is not based on true love, but on deeply conditioned patterns.

Capricorn reveals these conditionings. You parents conditioned you to think like this or that, due to fear and power, and then society conditioned you to be like this or that due to fear and power. And then your spouse wants you to be like this or that, due to fear and power. And all the experiences that came from this center of fear created the rest of the drama. Often a painful one.

If it was love. It would be a whole other experience.

We have this thing set up and most people believe it to be true; In order to have a functional society we need these conditions. Who else will empty the trash or clean my floors? We have to have slaves in other words. And it is amazing how we keep on treating each other like property. Maybe you think like that about yourself too? That you are a thing to be used and when you are used up, you will have some love?  Then someone will pity you and you will get love because you are finally exhausted.

If it was love then we would never meet people who were in this state of self-abuse. They’d be happy and independent and free.

The axis Cancer-Capricorn deals with what comes from the root and manifests in the branches. What we see is the branch, this is the physical manifestation, but the impulse comes from the root. And if the root is infected, then the bud might never open. If the root is traumatized, then the branches will simply die. There will be eternal fall until the root is healed and the bud is ready to open up again.

Pluto is conjunct the Moon for this particular fullmoon and this is the root canal. It is the purification of the root and the letting go of the branches that are not sustaining your dignity, your self-respect, your life, your identity. It is bringing up all these emotions that needs to be healed and released. Let them fall from your tree as if they were dead leaves. Let them leave drama-free.

I spoke yesterday with my father about the big meteor that hit earth 66 mil years ago in the gulf of Mexico, cleaning off 75% of earth’s species. This megahit from space cleared the space for new creation. If that hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have been here. The dinosaurs would have dominated. Evolution isn’t always gentle. 

Layers and layers we evolve. We move through the stages. And we come to the place is ourselves were there is a deeper sense of love. Not necessarily the drug-like “woohoohoo” kind of love, but a deep feeling of peace with what is. Love as a state of acceptance. As a capacity to hold space for whatever is. Love as wisdom. Love as an ability to trust truth.

We all get there eventually if we want to and we figure out how to heal the shadows that prefer to be in the shadow afraid that the light will kill them. When we find that link of healing, the bud will open completely when we start to sense the soul. And then we see there is a meaning to the journey. There is a sense in the chaos.

Perhaps this is hard to trust when you are stuck in some awkward middle-phase that feels like hell, but, little by little the flower is opening. Evolution takes time for sure. And the investment we need to do for our own growth——well, a lot of people want something for nothing.

But if you now are on that path of creation that is love, then sooner or later, you see that this will happen.

And then there is love before power and anything after is a bonus.

That is love. It is its own reward. The power that comes with it is then used for the best for humanity and not to secure the neurosis of one single ego.

The choice for humanity and every individual is to make this transition. From abuse to respect. Because we know, we’ve heard that little voice inside that says:

“Love is the path to freedom.”