In Evolutionary astrology we work with what we call the Evolutionary Levels (consensus, individuated and spiritual)

A simple observation of life and we see that consciousness evolves and it expresses itself on many different levels. A cow and a human being can be born at the same location and at the same time, yet, the human being is able to access deeper into the consciousness than the cow. Same with people that are born at the same time, same place, even twins, they differ in terms of consciousness and how far into life this consciousness that is the identity can penetrate or realise.

This is why they call enlightened beings realised beings. They are wide awake, their consciousness sees all, and from that comes the liberation from illusion and pain.

Due to awakened awareness the expression of the planetary principles that is the astrological chart changes. A Mars-Pluto in a spiritually oriented human being is not the same as a Mars-Pluto conjunction in a chart that is operating in a less conscious individual. Mohandas Gandhi was born with Mars-Pluto opposition, Dalai Lama with the square and Al Capone with the trine of Mars-Pluto. The mass murderer Marcel Petiot, convicted of killing 67 people was born with the conjunction. So it is evident that one size does not fit all. As in this case of Mars-Pluto we see a wide variety of expressions, and the “violent anger” cook book description does not cut it.

The more unconscious a chart is, the more instinctual the chart is expressed, and the less conscious creation is happening. This is why we access astrology, to evolve our consciousness so that we can realise what is unconscious and then gain an opportunity to become even more consciously creative with our lives.

The further away from the unconscious expression we evolve, the less fatalistic our lives become, the better choices we make.

Evolutionary astrology is so far the only line of astrology that takes this principles seriously and puts it into a working format through the theories of the different evolutionary levels. I find it to be absolutely necessary information if you are to work successfully with astrology and it weakens the field of astrology in general that these fundamental astrological principles are not takes seriously. So many times have I heard “I don’t feel like the capricorn I read about” or “that doesn’t fit with me”

So today I will be hosting a webinar on the subject so that we can get this crazy good shit out to the world. Yes. I will. ? Enjoy!

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