Asteroid Goddess Reading

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Asteroid Goddess Reading

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The healing of the feminine allows us to soften into our own inner sweetness and stop the running.

Today we are often blocked from this ability due to the enormous stress and pressure that life puts on our shoulder. We feel guilty if we do not produce anything or do nothing useful. This leads to a global fatigue syndrome and burn-out symptoms. In the end, we might even feel like we can’t find any meaning to the constant running and we start questioning our worth.

In astrology the asteroids Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athena, Juno and Lilith offers a glimpse into the hidden depth of the feminine and these asteroids have a massive impact on our relationships and how we relate to eachother. The asteroids are the numerous faces of the feminine and working with them from a conscious point of view is deeply activating and healing.

In this reading we will focus in on the asteroids and create a healing frame for you to work deeper into your own power and self-worth. With the asteroids, any woman is being challenged to  move from the Princess-archetype, who seeks confirmation and love in the world, to enter into the inner Queen, the creative Matrix, the woman who is the center of her own life and who is the fertile creator of her Garden.

It is the art of centering back into love even though we sometimes go through challenging energies in relationships. We are as a humanity collectively purifying and healing the patterns of the past, and as a woman you carry the strains of history in your field. The mythology of these asteroids tells us about the feminine drama and wound, and how to raise the field to be power and love instead.

She embodies the quiet power of the feminine, the sweetness, the strength and the love that radiates through her confidence.

For men, an asteroid reading can offer valuable insight into the inner anima, the inner female, and how this manifests in your relationships.

This is also a type reading that do well as a gift for someone you love.

Duration: 75 min

Through Skype: solwithjonassen



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