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2019 was a stern reminder that Earth is in a deep change, and it surely intense to watch. Temperatures are changing, biodiversity challenged, species going extinct and humanity is confronted yet another time with the fear of death, famine and suffering.

At the same time, the world of astrology is waking up to the importance of the dwarf planet Ceres, the earth mother. Her mythology is linked to these specific existential challenges we face as we live on earth, ranging from the challenge of moving from one cycle to another to deep traumas and loss. She is particularly related to control issues as a response to life’s constant change and uncertainty, and we find her prominent in the charts of those who suffer from eating disorders, OCD or substance abuse.

She is featured strongly in the charts of those who carry some sort of nurturing role in their lives, from midwifes to politicians, and through this workshop we will sort through how she plays out her role in the astrological birth chart by bringing in a nuance to the female energy present in any chart, male or female.

We will look into the mythology, the depth of the initiation present with her archetypal expression and how to live well with the dark goddess, free from her abusive shadow expression.

She is all about learning how to trust without getting guarantees, and in her earlier incarnation as Demeter her mythology was the foundation for the famous Eleusinian mystery religion of old Greece. There the initiates came face to face with the greatest fear in life just to be able to breathe freely as long as they walked the earth. Letting go and being able to be one with life is the hidden key here, and Ceres therefore points to a deep emotional capacity of true nurturance in order to be strong enough to endure this life. This is the story of the Mother, the Child and Death and how to come back to a fertile life after a period of deep change and potential loss.

So I welcome you to join me for this 3-hr long class on one of the most fascinating mythological journeys in the world of astrology.

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