So we are again about to see some shifts in the heavens, and this time it is our healer Chiron that is about to enter a realm that is associated with new beginnings, initiative and authentic expression, the sign which we know as Aries. Chiron will stay in Aries from 17th of April 2018-14 apr 2027
I have worked with Chiron for over a decade, mostly because his incredibly fascinating and relevant mythology, so strongly connected to some of the most problematic complexes of being born in a civilized world, still half animal, half god, still with our instinctual side pretty much vibrant and alive.
Chiron in Aries particularly relates to the wounded instinctual as a price we had to pay in order to live peacefully (as much as possible) side by side.
It is also a story of being alone, the inherent aloneness in all separate states of consciousness, a state that we need to enter into if we are to truly find ourselves.
So I invite you to a class where I will explore in depth this rich and fascinating archetype/complex relating to BEING HUMAN
This is work that stroke my heart and I am sure this will be a truly healing moment.
I will cover:
Chiron mythology
The 7 stages of healing
Chiron in Aries
Chiron in the houses and where it falls in your chart.
Once purchased, the link will be sent to you to download and watch.