In this class we are going to look at one of three evolutionary levels, the individuation process, which heralds a long and often challenging search for ones own, unique voice in a world eager to project expectations, mindsets and ideas onto each living creature. This natural process of evolution of consciousness creates not only a journey of self-discovery, it also changes how the astrological archetypes express themselves and what each sign is trying to decondition.

A lot of people who come into astrology are looking for answers, and more fundamentally, they are looking for themselves. The authentic self. They are most often some way along the individuation path looking to find a deeper layer of understanding.

Without this basic knowledge of evolution the signs are seen as static and fatalistic. When we understand that consciousness, and thus also archetypes, evolve, it gets easier to see how each sign change according to their innate level of evolution. A Virgo in a consensus stage could fit the description of a classical Virgo archetype seen through the lense of pop-astrology, but a Virgo in an individuation stage would act and seek to actually break away from that earlier imprint of what it means to be Virgo. As if they start rebelling their own sign, which can cause a lot of confusion to the astrology student, not knowing why they wont respond with a resounding yes to your explanation of the sign.

We will also look at the planet that are in charge of this process of revolutionary change, the enzyme of heightened consciousness, Uranus. There is little doubt that Uranus is the most important planet to follow when someone is individuating.

As we change, the level of understanding changes. And the expression of each individual sign and their innate needs change.

This class is available for anyone who is looking to understand astrology, also beginners. For advanced students, particularly in evolutionary astrology, this class may shed some light on this particular aspect of EA.

It runs live the 5th of December at 6 pm Central European Time, which is 12 pm EST and 9 am Pacific. It will be recorded and available to download.