The asteroid goddesses, Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athena and Lilith, all talk about those particular needs that arise in the feminine, and that is the core of the feminine.

The knowlegde of these archetypes can unlock a deeper knowlegde and healing relating to being in the world, with body, emotions and those needs that we cannot escape.

5000 years of distorting the natural expression of human needs has created a world in which we rather want to talk business than to be honest with each other. It is a man’s world, but today even men suffers from confusion and stress.

And a stressfull life is a sure sign that the feminine in anyone is out of order.

In this workshop we will go even deeper into the realm of healing the body, the feminine aspect of the intellect, the sexual and sensual realms, relationships and nurturance,- and how that is interconnected.

As usual I open up the class for those who wish to share by adding their charts and in this way get a little interpretation of the potency of the asteroids.

There will also be meditations for each archetype. It is time to go deeper.

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