During a life there are certain points in time where important cycles occur that sets the tone for the evolution of the individual and of the potential that lies in the chart.

In this workshop that goes over 2 Sundays we will look into the most important astrological cycles and look at life from a macro-perspective.

We will track the cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto in particular, but also look into the secondary progressions for further insight. And a dash of Ceres + Mars and Venus retrogrades.

This is an in-depth study designed for the astrology student who wants to really learn about transits.

Life seen from a macroperspective is not just interesting, but it also reveals patterns and gives understanding into the deeper meaning of the chart.

When we know about the major life cycles and we know how to work with them, we give our clients the best tool to profit from the periods in their life when the big waves hit.

In this class you will get information that will help you understand not just your own chart, but also the different dimensions of time that the planets operate in.

The solar system is a clockwork of different time-dimensions. Some are material, others are spiritual. Time on one level is not the same as time on another.

As we know, time is relative.

As above, so below.

If you are a student of astrology and wants to move deeper into transits, this is the class for you.

It will go over two Sundays (the 25th of April and the 16th of May 2021 at 12 pm EST- 6 pm

Module one is 5 hours, module 2 is 4 hours.

If you only want to buy either part one or part two, contact me at and we will arrange it.