The latter part of 2020 and the first bit of 2021 we will see Neptune, the planet of confusion, illusion and also truth and surrender, will square the lunar nodal axis on 18-19 mutable degrees.

And during this period Saturn-Jupiter will make it’s famous new conjunction in the sign of Aquarius. Societies are changing and the world has got a virus that operates not only in the physical realm, but also affects us psychologically and spiritually.

Neptune is a planetary archetype that deals with forces of life that is beyond the will of the ego, beyond our own personal capacity to do anything about. The collective karma that we are all sharing as humanity presents us with hidden gifts and evident challenges.

We are not just physical beings, we are deeply connected to each other through subtle energies, and it is in these waters we swim when we talk about Neptune. Therefore Neptune correlates to the immune system, personally and collectively.

We all live under the same sky, and to insure the sanity of the coming months each and one of us are called to take the responsibility that is in our hands and surrender to what is not within our power. This requires a certain practical and spiritual neutrality and practice. In this workshop we will focus on the creative and spiritual potential and also look at some of the evident challenges. Neptune can feel overwhelming and imprisoning as the personal willpower is limited, at the same time there can be a sense of retreat and eventually, if silence is found, a sense of connection to a higher self.

Famous people like Albert Einstein, Helena Roerich, Leo Tolstoy, Nicolai Lenin, Oprah Winfrey, Alex Grey and Martin Luther King were all born with Neptune square the lunar nodes and examining some of these charts can give us insight about the times they were born in and the path of their souls.

Join Sol for this 3-hr long workshop on one of the most fascinating and challenging archetypes in the pantheon of the Gods.

Format: Zoom/online

Level: Beginners and intermediate students of astrology.

Time and date: The 22nd of November

PT: 10 am

EST: 1 pm

UK: 6 pm

Europe: 7 pm