In this day and age many people are working on themselves to understand self-abusive patterns and understand why they ended up where they did. And why certain situations carry such a high intensity and demands a lot of inner work to resolve. This also goes for those who often takes the part of helpers, who now are seeing that a new authority is needed in order not to deplete their own energy reserves.

It is no coincidence that there are very good reasons that some people tend to gravitate towards developing the sub-persona of the Helper. The part we play in a family and in life in general in formative years not only reflects back on our predispositions and awakens our talents, it is also a survival mechanism.

I am no exception. And on this journey I have learnt a lot about how the therapist’s mind works. If not fully integrate, ready with wholesome boundaries and effective authority, many people end up being completely drained. Empathic Burn-Out can cause shutdown mechanisms to pop up and the People Pleaser can rear it’s head in personal relationships and wreck havoc the inter-personal balance.

The drama that often plays out is the Victim, the Abuser and then the Redeemer aka the Healer. How to take this very difficult part of helper in a life is a path that is ridden with challenges. Being the Redeemer, the Diplomat, the Healer, involves a very deep sacrifice; that of one’s own ego. The way that this is achieved is often at the expense of the Healer’s personal needs. A price too high for anyone to pay and that can cause utter disillusionment, and perhaps also a deep sense of losing all hope for humanity.

To work in these fields can also cause PTSD. Constantly working with shadow material can hurt one’s inner faith in life. And the focus gets imbalanced.

Guilt is another factor that often pops up. The guilt of having to take care of oneself first, even when people around is in deep suffering.

And then powerlessness when things do not work out. The sense of failure.

That, and more issues, can cause the Therapist to struggle in life. And in the final conclusion it can eat away proper authority as the forces of puritanism take over the mind and the capacity to make healthy choices.

The archetypes of Saturn and Neptune are particularly embodied in this challenge. These two archetypes deals with truth and alignment. And how to correctly read this. What is a projected ideal from a distorted society and what is truth? In this class we will explore this incredibly challenging combination of archetypes, often leading to unhealthy self-sacrifice.

Neptune is the planet of Sacrifice, so little wonder it is highlighted in the charts of those who work to help others.

As is Chiron. And in this class we will look into the archetype of the Chiron Redeemer, the healers who experienced such deep wounds themselves that the only cure was to cure oneself and in this process, end up also curing others.

Saturn’s Role is one of creating proper boundaries, healing conditioned guilt and gaining realistic authority.

The balance between yin and yang, feminine and masculine, is required to be able to have steadfastness and strength. We will explore this dynamic.

This class is fitting for all therapists, but there will be a fair amount of astrology in this, so a basic understanding of the archetypes is probably the best. However, being an astrology teacher, I will also translate very precisely what I mean when I refer to “Saturn” or “Neptune”.

This is a class for healing. It will run deep. We will look at themes that are both universal and personal and that is at the core of our human experience.

About me:

I have been a professional astrologer since 1999 and worked allover the world with thousands of people. Since 2009 I have been offering teachings to the community internationally.

I also have a degree in Soul Flow, a transpersonal psychotherapeutic education and am a certified Meditation Instructor.

I have a Reiki Masters degree and numerous educations in massage and body therapies.

Body and Soul.

Practical information about the class:

This is a 3 hour online class. Price of admittance is 45 US$.