Venus; the healing of opposites

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Class on Venus, the principle of harmony, creation of union of opposites with teacher Sol W Jonassen

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The balance between our energy and other people’s energy is truly a creation of art. It can turn really ugly when we are severely triggered and abused, and it can turn into the most magical, deep, respectful experience when we navigate with elegance, refinement and commitment.
And in this navigation we bump into difficult paradoxes inside ourselves. And in others. The fine line between realism and idealism, between strong and vulnerable, between commitment and freedom, between the “I” and the “US”, between darkness and light and so many other difficult contrasts often create what we call “problems of co-operation”
Opposites attract, yet they can also repulse. If aspects of our psyche is hidden in the dark, at one point they can kill all that is good and beautiful in our lives. We have to embody our own paradoxes. Nobody’s “nice” all the time. Nobody’s “bad” all the time either.
In order to create harmony, we need to confront. It’s yet another paradox.
Welcome to the world of Venus – the principle of Union.
In this workshop I will walk you through the material, add in real life examples (your charts) and we aim for healing and learning.
So mark a hot date with Venus will be the 9th of September, 6 pm Europe time (that is 6 hrs ahead of EST- 9 hrs ahead of PST etc and so forth)


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