Yesterday I read a comment on a youtube video that I have been collaborating to make, and the request was that we, the astrologers, get a bit more gloomy (or in her words, realistic) about the future. So I thought I’d indulge her and go gloomy. Or Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn as the Goth Astrologers like to call it.

We are facing a symbolic New Year and yes, welcome to earth. Filled to the brim with ignorance and fear, humanity is struggling to find the light within. They get a glimpse and “I got it. I got it! Ops. I don’t get it! ” and then we go and get lost again. That is, until we learn to stand up in the face of apparent rejection, failure, loss, challenges and darkness. Learn to create our own inner garden of peace and stability. Only then are we masters. Until that point, we are students in need of guidance. In need of help. This is Earth.

We have absolutely no clue where we are and we don’t know how to behave towards each other. Sorry to say. I know we all like to think that we are nice and kind people. Still we dabble in back-stabbing, criticism, separation and fear mongering. In the spiritual community the love often feels forced. In the religious community, love is massively conditional. People fight over details and run and hide when they see it fitting.

Let’s just face it. Immaturity is a huge problem on earth. Just look at the current President. He is the face of humanity for the time being. A 5-year old stuck in some strange, ghostly form. I think he is a perfect symbol for the leadership crises we have. Were are the true adults? I know they are out there, but why are there so few?

This year we begin with a hard-core eclipse the 5th of January, and the planets are stacking up in Capricorn, a sign famed for it’s “smell the coffee”-reality check. Capricorn is THE sign of emotional maturity and of the Archetypal Adult. Waking up to this energy is comparable to a huge hangover if you like.  “Oh nooo, whatthe..oouh” Hope that is not you. Wallet empty. Brain exhausted due to late nights, too much meat and a helluva party that was fun when it was on, but not so fun the day after. Or maybe you wake up to reality and see that : “Mmmh, ok, so that’s how it is”

Or as Donnie Snarko said it:

In a Saturnian mind-frame there are no victims, no injustice, no space for neediness, no space for complaints. (A bit harsh, eh?)

We are heading into a year of Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, and kindergarden is officially over. That could be a huge relief for a lot of people as they finally let go of complaining and feeling sorry for themselves. It is a GREAT year to get over yourself. And if that isn’t good news, I have no clue what good news are.

Potus will have to do that too. He gets this energetic cocktail thrown in his face. Yes, yes, I know, as an astrologer, I should make no mention of politics because people get so annoyed and angry with politics. But I see him and others as symbols, energy if you like. And we get the leaders we deserve. They are us. I am not making any distinction. Born with a Capricorn ascendant, I first and foremost look at my own behavior and take it from there. We are all in this soup together.

There is a judgment in Capricorn. That is you checking in on you to see if your actions are in alignment with your values, no matter what excuse you make up for yourself. If you are not conscious of this inner assessment, you will tear down your self-worth every time you “cheat” yourself, every time your actions are not in alignment with truth.

So the dark side of Capricorn is being too harsh in self-judgment. You can lie to yourself, but you will still face the consequences in the form of weakness, guilt and self-contempt. It is dangerous to see yourself as you are without having the capacity to love and understand what you see. Only then you can accept yourself and move beyond immature behavior.

And when the time is right, character is being able to transcend those limitations that unsupportive parents, society and lovers installed in you.

If we move forward too demanding of our own development, we end up skipping steps and have to go back to nurturing the inner child. So the midpoint between holding space and pushing forward is required. The dark side of Capricorn cannot rule humanity anymore. Then we end up with fake authorities lacking true inner security. And they tend to be very,very nasty leaders. Pussy grabbers and corruption.

Anything Capricorn is doing what is in accordance to your own will. Not because others tell you to do it. You do it because you KNOW what is right for you. Even if it is a very difficult choice. The most difficult one. And only when you take full responsibility for your own will, accepting the consequences, then you are free, or rather liberated, to create. Even if you end up failing or not reaching your goal. You tried. And learnt. And moved forward, knowing this was your own making. In Capricorn we learn to follow the intuition , as opposed to following our feelings or thoughts. It is the one on the Mountain Top.

This year is a test of character. Or in the words of the fictional Jack Sparrow:

It is a year of tremendous potential. The effort you put in will be rewarded. The willingness to grow and learn will manifest as strength and reliability. If you sell your soul to the first bidder, can you trust yourself? Be reliable. To yourself first. And then to your duties.

It is a year to be willing to look at yourself to see if you have developed the right kind of virtues. That you know what is the right thing and the wrong thing to do.

Humanity is at this point that we rebel anyone else telling us. So if no one can actually tell you, then I guess you have to tell yourself. Be your own fracking leader.

Happy New Year! Gloomy prediction turning good delivered. Gloomy my ass. Not on my watch.

And no, it is not same procedure as last year. There is a new approach available. Take it.