We are well into Scorpio and in 3 days there is a full moon going down. In esoteric tradition, the full moon phase starts 3 days before and lasts 3 days after, offering an opportunity for a deeper connection with the Sun through meditation. The journey of earth through the zodiac is the hero’s journey, from subconscious existence to full-flegded co-creative approach. Eventually we will be so light that we will walk on water, the symbolic gift that Jesus had and that showed us exactly what we are. The Soul. And the Soul is creative light.

But humanity has no grasp of this yet, except for a rare few. The rest of us can meditate on it. Try to understand what our logic cannot penetrate. Perhaps what we cannot fathom before die and see through the veil.

“First he touched on love, then he touched on death”

The great humans who saw beyond death and reached a relative enlightened state, didn’t get there before until after a great deal of struggles, thanks to our collective fears of death, of pain, of ageing, of loss, of weakness, of trauma or of any of the many obstacles to truth we hold on to. Attachments to life are necessary for creation, but we cannot stay with them forever. Detachment is needed in time of death and in the face of change.

This is the spiritual work of Scorpio, the fight with the Hydra, the nine-headed monster representing the human pit of darkness, our desires and our battles with our own darkness. Scorpio’s dark side is the individual completely ruined by desires and run by the excesses of the lower nature. The high road of Scorpio is s/he who welcomes death with open arms, knowing very well that nothing but the spirit lives forever. S/he who has spotted the eternal light and knows exactly who s/he is.

But Scorpio is a battleground. It is the swamp of our psyche, where our perceived failures are felt painfully strong, creating an unhealthy identity of weakness, which is so far from the detached mindfullness that one can possibly get. It is where we are one with the darkness. But it is also where we are given the chance to release whatever has reached its expiration point, and find true power again.

In this energy of Scorpio, the master Cohen traveled to the other side monday the 7th, the news reaching us today. I am feeling this deeply in my heart. It went straight to the core of my being. I truly love Cohen. As in love love. He has been with me since my teens and traveled with me all my life. His lyrics. So beautiful. He was the reason I started singing and a gift to my own journey in writing. He was my brother in pilgrimage when he entered the convent and became ‘Jikan’ , silence, and he followed me on my journey to figure out death, the greatest fear. When he narrated The Tibetan Book of the Dead, I sat completely absorbed.


Now he himself is traveling through the bardos, and I am glad he had some days undisturbed by the whole collective, because a large chunk of the world is now following his journey and crying, and this could very well disturb the process if we are to believe the tibetans. coohenThe news of his death came as a huge release after the intensity of the American election. Finally we got our focus back to the tension of the emotional body, instead being stuck in the head fighting out our desire to be right.

There is plenty of pain in the collective emotional field these days, people quarreling about who is on the dark side. So much hurting has been afflicted and so much world-pain is erupting. Cohen knew exactly what it meant to be human and he showed us that the menu of suffering is filled to the brim. Just take a pick, it is designed to kill.

“You want it darker? we kill the flame”

He left the House of the World with transiting Moon just passing his Saturn, and Venus square his Sun, Venus near the mighty Galactic Center, and transiting Sun just finishing a square to his Mars, a signature that often takes people over to the other side either by stroke of heart or brain, or an infection. His poetry went straight to the universal core of human wound, and the transiting nodal axis was on his Venus-Neptune square Chiron emphasis. He pass to the other side with transiting Venus squaring transiting Chiron, an aspect he had from birth.

If this should be translated into normal language, I would just leave it to him to explain what the wounding of Chiron really is :

“There’s a lullaby for suffering
And a paradox to blame”

Talk about taking the pulse of life. Aren’t we all playing the blame game these days?  Great Master Cohen, is traveling through the bardos now with the same grace that he lived his life.

The battle of Life and Death:

Esoterically, Scorpio shows us that it is the death of separtism, it is the death of the illusion of death and it is the beginning of the next level. For any seeker it depicts that place in us that is powerless because we keep barking up the wrong tree, we keep cheating to get to the top, or we take power for granted and lose it all. It is symbolic of the part of us that needs to figure out if we want to let death take us down to, or if we opt for life again.

The meditation for Scorpio Full Moon phase is “Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant.

Scorpio shows us that we must chose between the war or the light. You always have a choice to take the high-road or the low-road and is is exactly here that the spiritual seeker must be awake and never let darkness kill the spirit. A defeat in love does not mean love doesn’t exist for you. A difficult economical situation is not the end of love and life, it is not a personal vendetta life undertakes because you are not welcome. That we identify with our crises and replace our healthy light with one of defeat, causes so much pain. We have stop the destruction soon. It is time.

This full moon is all about these woundings of life. Sex, death, rejections, money, power, loss, trauma,  whatever is in our path and pose a challenge to your spirit. Life can be so hard that we go prematurely into rigor mortis and lose light. Warm up to it again. Say yes to life. Say yes to the light of your eyes, the light of your heart.

Thus, we need to sacrifice some of our most precious dreams and keep a closer rapport with reality. It might kill a part of us, the part that is already dead, but it will heal the light within. New life by letting go of the old.


“If the sun would lose its light
And we lived an endless night
And there was nothing left that you could feel
That’s how it would be
What my life would seem to me
If I didn’t have your love to make it real

If the stars were all unpinned
And a cold and bitter wind
Swallowed up the world without a trace
Ah, well that’s where I would be
What my life would seem to me
If I couldn’t lift the veil and see your face

And if no leaves were on the tree
And no water in the sea
And the break of day had nothing to reveal
That’s how broken I would be
What my life would seem to me
If I didn’t have your love to make it real

If the sun would lose its light
And we lived in an endless night
And there was nothing left that you could feel
If the sea were sand alone
And the flowers made of stone
And no one that you hurt could ever heal
Well that’s how broken I would be
What my life would seem to me
If I didn’t have your love to make it real”

I leave you with this brothers and sister. This is a time for love and deep connections. Make one to your soul. Let it be a promise to love, swear allegiance to the one force that moves us all.

I love you

And Cohen, see you! Thanks brother <3


All Lyrics from Leonard Cohen’s last album. Go enjoy it.