• Webinar Ceres Earth Mother
  • “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” Goethe I am doing research for an upcoming lecture about the archetypes we call Ceres-Pluto and go through the charts of those I feel go close to this combo.
    This lead me to "Faust" and this quote, reflecting what lies at the heart of the trouble of Ceres-Pluto, a signature that reflects death, loss, pain, trauma, rejection and forced change. And it raises some fundamental questions in the healing process..How do we re-install trust after being burnt? How do we learn to trust ourselves again after life spat us out? How do we get up on our feet again after we have been dragged through the hallways of Hades? How can we trust a life that is always changing? A life that is never going to be perfect, a life where there will always be something that challenges the perfect day? A life where we go through loss. How can we trust ourselves if we see that we keep taking shortcuts, refusing the hard work or getting our hands dirty, cutting a bit of a deal with the Devil to have our desires satisfied? We cannot trust the addict inside. And we do not become addicts until we are ruptured somehow. So it is all back to the original wound, the part of you that does not have a feeling of existing due to early rejections and heal that bit. If we want to really learn to trust that is. Trusting oneself is the path of the hero. In this workshop we will go through the archetypes, use some of the participants charts and include a healing meditation. Time: Sunday the 21st of May at 7 pm UTC+2 (Greenwich+1) Duration: 3 hrs Will be recorded and available for download.
  • Neptune, the planet of Pisces and the archetypal principle of the 12th house, is currently in its own sign, Pisces, and will be exactly conjunct the transiting southern node of the moon November 12th. This means that its influence will be incredibly strengthened for better and worse, and this is a great time to reflect over its function in the natal chart, its archetypal meaning and its challenging transits. If you have planets in the 12th house or in Pisces this class might be extra interesting, but we all have Neptune in our charts and a prominent Neptune, one that makes a strong aspect in the chart, will give the same challenges and strengths. I work with the charts of the participants and we will explore Neptune from an evolutionary astrology p.o.v. which includes understanding Neptune's different phases and how we react differently to its influence. 
  • Chiron in Aries, transcending fear and finding true strength.
  • Class on Venus, the principle of harmony, creation of union of opposites with teacher Sol W Jonassen