To understand Chiron is to understand what it means being human. We strive for perfection, only to end up lying to ourselves and maintaining lies to others too.

These lies are subtle. But they are everywhere.

And how did that happen? Well, us humans need to be civil towards each otherif we want things to work.
However, the problem is that energy is energy, and under the civil surface another truth exists. This is a truth we are programmed to not pay any attention to, alas.

Chiron is this dimension of energy and mind, where we feel the true energy of what is, and then at the same time, our minds rationally tell us to behave. The energy could feel very uncomfortable and aggressive, yet we smile and pretend that there is no problem. Or, someone could be very abusive and exploiting, yet we give him or her energy because love is withheld. Or the sexual desires can flow freely on one level, yet be denied on another.

Chiron was a civil centaur, but his wound was in his instinctual, animal part. Almost like humanity today. Now we sanction those who show too much of their instinctual side.

Recently Jeff Brown, a teacher and a writer, criticized Tolle, and even dared to do it by calling him his real name, Ulrich Tolle, and not Eckhart Tolle. People went crazy when they saw this, and thought a ”spiritual” man should not pass judgement like this. But it is true. His name is Ulrich. And like many others, he took another’s name. This tradition to re-baptize is perhaps to erase the past or to show that now you are another one and that the old you is dead. It emphasizes a rebirth, but could there be other motives in it too? Motives based on interest or on vanity? Jeff Brown is, like many others I know, growing increasingly tired of the spiritual vanity in taking another name, and maybe he is tired, like many, of the commercialized spiritual marked. Plus, nobody asked Master Eckhart about Ulrich taking his name, and in many ways, his status. It’s like calling yourself Jesus. “I am Jesus, because I said so.”

But back to rules and sanctions and stuff, and to the stuff that hit Jeff Brown like a pile of dirt after he was cheeky enough to show that yes, I am pissed.

Rule number one in the Community of Spiritual Distortions:
#thou shall never judge

This is a really good rule for those who are here to benefit and get rich selling the emperors new clothes. And they are quite a few. I have a friend who says: ”So where is it, this new world? All I see is the old in a new outfit” But we cannot say it. It is like criticizing Jesus, a guy we killed already btw.

Which leads us to rule number two in the Community of Spiritual Confusion:

#Thou shall never confront

Another rule which is super for those who wants to get away with murder.
The misunderstandings around compassion got us to this point. At the end of the Age of Pisces we are still wondering what Jesus meant when he said: ”love thy neighbor”
Is he trying to force us into loving someone who might be abusive or manipulative or incredibly demanding? Or do we need to figure out what the difference between accepting and allowing is? This is the real question.

And how do we sanction the spiritual leaders who actually take a stand against ”their own group”? As an astrologer how would it be deemed if I criticized another astrologer? The projection most likely to hit me would be “Are you jealous?” or “Who do you think you are?”. Wasn’t long ago since I actually saw this in action. A threesome fighting, were two fought and the third moralized the two fighting. Even though the situation clearly needed to be confronted and a cheeky female did it. On top of it, she wasn’t polite. She called bullshit and was punished.

However, this mechanism of moralizing those who confront probably comes from us suspecting that most times people come from the ego and think they are right, and then yes, perhaps it is appropriate to say “who do you think you are!”. We do sense very strongly when someone comes from the ego and just wants to profit. However, coming from truth has nothing to do with this. The ego is not the motivation. The truth is. But how can others be pure in motive, if the reader isn’t?

Jeff Brown pointed to Tolle as one of the voices of the misunderstood non-dualism that flourish in the spiritual community. This idea of singularity erases perhaps the need for a body, for emotions, for a persona, but the fact is, that even though some believe that everything is an illusion, I actually felt hungry this morning and my body signaled for tea. I had to pee too. This non-ego confusion is causing massive suppression in people, making it hard for them to truly understand what it means to be free. It is becoming yet another ”rule” to follow. A dogma if you like. No wonder Jeff feels like “his cup runneth over”

True non-dualism would actually include the Self, or the Persona or whatever you like to call that person that is you and that is reading this right now.
And after some thousand years of “Project How to Civilize the Crew” we actually found out that impressing dogma into them is a good way to do it. Then they start to tell on their neighbor. Smart.
The most efficient police in the world are the neighbors, although most neighbors do not seem care about the real abuse. They normally go after the hippies and the free people, or those of another race or money class. The bully is still free to damage and we actually smile to him or her, afraid that they will come after us with their ”I really don’t care if you don’t like me, I need no one” attitude. “And if you don’t obey I will hurt you” No wonder we shut up.

Now back to the rules again. This is one ironically makes me angry.

Rule #3 in the Community of Spiritual Distortions:
“Thou shall not be angry. “

What is it with anger that is so difficult for us? Is it because in anger we judge? For instance: ”This sucks!” is a judging a situation. And if we judge a situation like this, will it help us? What is anger good for, if it is good for anything?

Hitler came to power due to fear and passivity. I am sure Jesus would have kicked his ass. Gandhi too. None of them were afraid to stir up anger in people. In our spiritual communities we tend to see anger as weakness. As if you have no control over yourself. ”Oh, you are not so evolved are you, I am more evolved than you, I am never angry” Girls often hear this: “You look prettier when you are not angry”

Anger helps us say no to abuse and to be clear about our boundaries. Anger can be a healthy expression and emotion. But like any emotion, it is not good to indulge in it. Then it just grows and eventually devours you.

Anger is closely related to passion. And to sex. The shame of our instinctual nature is still lingering like a plague in people. Today it is tantra.

Another rule, yet with lesser impact is:
#Thou shall not cum

Tantra, or sexual healing as we should rather call it, has its advantages, but it has a grand dark side too. Every time we attempt to be someone we are not we risk feeling inadequate due to the competitive nature of human beings. We brag about our achievements, because we want to be more evolved. To not come is a sign of strength for a man and a sign of love for a woman. (“He loves me so much that he wants to give me this enduring pleasure”) Again some puritanism, some world championship that is going on. Competition.

And then people fake level to be approved, and it is this spiritual hypocrisy that pisses off Jeff Brown. I was glad to see a person who has made a name for himself through being compassionate and wise, also has it in himself to throw the first stone and say it as it is- knowing so well he has to face the consequences. Will they hang him for his heresy?

”Why are you so angry Jeff? Need some therapy perhaps?” This was more or less the wording of one of the comments. This is completely castrating energy. Or an attempt to castrate. ”OMG Jeff Brown is judging” And then the gloating. Moralizing is almost like masturbation.

Well, if something is green and I say it is green am I then judging?
If something is complete bullshit and I call the bullshit, is this judging? Or is it helping?

Reflecting back to Chiron, an archetype that was activated for humanity when it was discovered in 1977, we find this trouble of balance between instinct and mind. The years of civilizing humanity have surely lead to some suppression, effectively maintained by illusions. And the castration of humanity is becoming a real problem. The feminine energy is weak in the woman and she compensates in so many ways, either by playing excessively on her sexuality to mask her neurosis or by hiding. The masculine energy is weak in men and they compensate in other ways, either by overplaying the macho tendencies or by hiding.

Chiron when healed is naked, real. No masks. No shield to hide behind. Direct. A teacher of energy and wisdom. One that is here actually to heal and has the ability to confront.
Most of us keep the facade, keep the masquerade going, by obeying these social rules that were never meant to be practiced the way they are.

Most neo-spirituality is religion in a new form. True spirituality would set you free. This old stuff is only making it more impossible to be human and even though the rules have had their function, and maybe still do, there will be a point were we need to see if we are ready and responsible enough to enjoy freedom. Instead we keep making new rules to regulate and dominate.

”What? Are there some new rules now? The earth is flat and if you don’t believe in it, you are bought and paid by NASA AND you are stupid because you cannot stomach enough youtube videos? Ok, got it, I will keep my mouth shut so that people won’t think that I am not nice and have no control over myself”

Rule #5 in the Community of Spiritual Distortions: ”Everything that happens in your life is a lesson from which you will learn how to set yourself free from suffering. The suffering you experience is your creation”

This might have some truth to it, as the previously mentioned rules also have, but what is the danger of this kind of thinking? That it is all up to you? And if you suffer it is your making? Chiron got wounded in his hip by the poisonous arrow from feisty Hercules in a dark, chaotic fight. You could almost call it an accident. And yes, maybe Chiron thought himself so powerful that he could balance the chaos and get in between, or maybe Chiron lost control over his energy and got into this accident? Maybe he lost his grounding and made a mistake? Maybe he was supposed to have this accident so that he could be even more proficient as a healer? The last assumption plays on a very important archetype still so vividly existing in the sub-conscious sea of humanity: The Martyr.

”I’m so good, you’re so bad, I am so perfect, you are so broken. I can save you”

The W O U N D E D H E A L E R. None of us are above or below. We are just here and we all need to eat. Maybe we can agree that some individuals really manage to excel and share their gifts with humanity in ways that are truly impressive, but we are all here and we cannot judge the ill from the healthy in terms of validity. The most important lessons as a human being I learnt from someone who was chronically ill. Jesus surrounded himself with lepers and ill people. That is true non-dualism.

We always want to kill the true heroes. Because a true hero would confront. Would stand up. Would fight. He or she would show up and tell the truth.

They hung Jesus on a cross for it and they probably burnt some witches too.

Who burnt them, hung them or killed them?

We did. Me and you. The mob. Isn’t that funny? We kill those who could save the planet and praise those who ruin it. Just because of these silly rules and regulations. So Chiron is back to remind us of true non-dualism. He is the shaman who sees beyond the veils of separation and that is why he not only was the one who had to go through his own illness to understand that it is a collective state and not a personal creation he dealt with, and his gift was that he understood how the collective created the individual. So to hell with the law that says: ”Oh, I was so stupid to get cancer and know I feel ashamed because I wasn’t master enough to transform this massive, collective, negative energy”

Through Chiron the doctor becomes the patient and the student becomes the teacher. Through Chiron we realize what true health is and how we can live in harmony on earth with instincts and intellect combined. How we can see life as it is AND love humanity. How we can live with the paradox. And the paradox is that not all spiritual people are “nice”. Healers do not chit-chat with disease. Healers confront. That is how they heal. And in a world of passive aggressive bashing-out some truth telling guy, but never tell the real sinners to piss off, we need more of this. So thank you Jeff Brown for misbehaving a bit, and revealing the puritanism that still live so vividly inside of us and that is making the world full of sanctimonious people.

There are probably more unspoken rules that we follow, all reflecting suppressive mechanisms that once were designed to tame us so that we didn’t kill each other every time we disagreed, wild as untamed Centaurs. But for now, I will rest my keyboard and wish you a blessed Sun opposing Chiron. Eventually there will be liberation, but for now, you have to live here among us, the wild, untamed Centaurs, and be ready to break the rules. Truth is law. Law is Love. Love is Truth. Even though it can hurt.
So even though this can be sensitive days, stay with your humanity, be brave enough to break the rules. “Though shall not be vulnerable”. Share the tears. We are all in the same boat..And we are all just walking each other home.