There is a Super Full Moon rising over the horizon this weekend. This time of the year the Moon gets closer, but normally not as close as this when it is at it’s ultimate perigee point to earth and appears to be 14% bigger than usual and 30% brighter. Wooha! Super indeed!

You can reach out and touch the Moon this weekend. And do it. Next chance won’t be until 2034, so this makes it a special astronomical event worth catching. It is fascinating to experience and it gives you are real sense of space and where you are. It is so easy to forget that we are spinning around our axis at 0.43 km/s (around equator) in deep space somewhere, wherever that is. But thinking about it gives us a bit of perspective in an everyday life where we sometimes get so lost in chaos that we forget to look up and be released.

I think it is fabulous to think that this is life and that I am a speck of light in a vast ocean of energy. I think that is beautiful. And then a littlebit sad because earth is so messed up and people feel so destroyed on the inside. When I go in to see, I also see this. Something is broken and we are trying to fix it, but it seems impossible. It just keeps returning as if it was some sort of boomerang of pain. People do randomly forget about all their worries and then gets a little vacation lost in laughter and love, and those who work on themselves finally end up with an understand of their own capacity and what happiness is, so there is hope.


But the reality on earth is still harsh. And we are trying to find the freedom from suffering. Trying to find the simple life.

This very longing for ease, for love, for union, is the underlying theme of a Super Full Moon which is not only special astronomically, but also astrologically .

Neptune, the planetary archetype that relates ultimate truth, squares the Full Moon axis exactly, making the energy of this weekend somewhat special and unique. Neptune is a wildcard, impossible to predict, teasing people into going with the flow. We feel drawn to an inner level where the intuition and inner images are talking a bit stronger than usual. Dreams and visions. Hunches and realizations.

And to top if off, the planet ruling logical thinking, Mercury, is going retrograde on the very last degree of Sagittarius also known as the Galactic Center (which physically is the black hole in the middle of the Milkyway). Spacey stuff.

This is wonderful news for those who are used to travel inside and communicate with life instead of analyzing and logically trying to fit the pieces. This energy bumps us out of normal 1+1=2 thinking and let’s us see what it means to follow the flow of life itself. Sometimes our actions does not make sense from a logical p.o.v and we do things that we never thought we’d do, following an unfoldment of events rather than planning things to happen. Or as Tom Robbins describes it and I secretly wished I had written:

”Passion isn’t a path through the woods. Passion is the woods. It’s the deepest, wildest part of the forest; the grove where the fairies still dance and obscene old vipers snooze in the boughs. Everybody but the most dried up and dysfunctional is drawn to the grove and enchanted by its mysteries, but then they just can’t wait to call in the chain saws and bulldozers and replace it with a family-style restaurant or a new S and L. That’s the payoff, I guess. Safety. Security. Certainty. Yes, indeed. Well, remember this, pussy latte: we’re not involved in a ‘relationship,’ you and I, we’re involved in a collision. Collisions don’t much lend themselves to secure futures…”

Isn’t he awesome? Or is it just me who’s got a Robbins crush?

But he describes following the heart, taking chances you ‘d never thought you’d take. Neptune says: “What is there really to lose? Truth will set you free. If it is meant to be, it will be”

Copyright Terje Sandø

Picture taken by Terje Sandø

So from this viewpoint there is nothing to lose. If you can’t get what you want, you weren’t supposed to have it anyway, and in this sense you are spared from something that could have caused you great pain. Not saying it is easy, but truth will always set you free as long as it is truth.

The very dark side of this Neptune overdose weekend can be following something you thought was true only to end up being fooled. Neptune can be the most naïve part of us, luring us into masking our desires to hold on to something that is destructive, normalizing situations that are out of this world, getting lost in places where we’ve never been before or entertaining illusions mistaking them for truth. People with a strong Neptune goes on vacation without checking if they need Visas and sometimes they got it right, but other times they have to turn around and go home just because they were too mentally lazy to bother to check beforehand or they simply forgot.

With Neptune we have to be very honest with ourselves to double-check that we are not fooling ourselves. Glamour and confusion have a strong grip on humanity’s consciousness, mostly because we are so driven by our desires to have what we want when we want it. We think that certain things will make us happy, when in fact we are looking for solutions where the road is blocked.

There is this inherent lack of trust that drives us into control and makes us pray to God to set us free, because if we can’t get what we think we need, what’s the point?

And then Neptune comes along and shows us that what we are looking for lies beyond our conscious ideas about what we want and need. Then we might feel inspired to find love in a flower and bliss in a shower. Neptune is Union with something that is greater than ourselves, for some known as Spirit, for others it is just a state of being present on a very inspired level where thoughts and images flow freely and makes us see life in a way that liberates and brings love. Some call it God. Being with that which you are in your essence.

To get there we need to leave behind control over the petty things we think matters, but that are just distractive noise. We have to allow ourselves to forget worry, at least for a little while. We have to surrender into our hearts and our breaths, and then we might get a glimpse of what it means to be free.

A tricky part with Neptune is this changeability and neglect to take care of what actually matters. What is true in one moment isn’t necessarily true the next. Truth is relative to the moment you are in the present.

So never say never. Don’t judge life before you know the whole truth. Sometimes we need to go through painful things to experience something very important, even though it feels completely meaningless.

We can never truly know what tomorrow brings, and we can try to make the perfect plan, but if it isn’t true and we are on this path to find deeper authenticity, then Neptune will pull the rug off under your feet and you have to let go. Again. And again. And again. Every breath is a letting go. Every inhale an inspiration. Every meeting a point of two lights forming one. Every human being an adventure. Some still waiting to begin, some fully unfolded.

With Mercury retrograde involved in this juicy, beyond-your control Full Moon, we might bump into people from far or near past. Friends you can recognize as you grew up with them or you had a magical encounter some time ago, and then friends you just know are friends, although the physical memory is erased, but the echo of a deep connection still reverberates strongly. The love is instant.

If there have been problems for you in the past, the resistance can be felt. Whatever it is, karma planet Saturn is conjunct Mercury retrograde and tells you it is time to meet again, either to remind you how rich your life is or to complete what you ran from earlier.

Saturn also reminds us to be grounded in our spiritual approach and keep the focus even while surfing some pretty sweet vibes. Dancing with the Gods themselves, it is easy to get completely lost.

Neptune loves the Dancer. Saturn makes sure that you know what you are doing while dancing and that you are not spacing out even though the temptation is real.

The Dancer listens. He or She moves forward with the energy of the rhythm, dancing on the flow. Leaning into it softly without tensions, fully present for the next curve, the next unknown part. Making love with the waves. Never pushing, always obeying the melody, eager to see what the body does next.

If the Dancer experiences that a Lover pulls away, the Dancer becomes quiet and rests, knowing that there is nothing to do but to let go. The Dancer knows when to dance and when to rest, because the Dancer knows, there is no controlling the flow.

So let yourself become one with the flow. Close your eyes and see. And when life tells you to open them again, open them.

Have a magical Full Moon Weekend.

Here is a little walk-through through the signs:

Sagittarius, Sagittarius Rising:

Make sure your will is aligned with the needs of the family and your needs to have some time to reconnecting with yourself. If you need peace of mind, spend some time on the couch resting your tired mind. Now’s the time to let the restless search just be happy with what is.

Capricorn-Capricorn rising:

My first response to this is: lol. Yeah, you think you got it all figured out and then! Bam! Something’s gotta give. You are on some magical ride you cannot seem to stop. But let your body also get some of that magic. Work your abs and pay the bills!

Aquarius-Aquarius Rising:

Friends. Ah, they are everywhere these days, but you seem to be lost in your creative flow. Take your eyes off the computer and connect with them! You will have a great weekend if you let go of that particular thing that is dragging you down in a close relationship. Keep communications direct and clear! The time has come to set yourself free to do what is right for you.

Pisces or Pisces rising:

One moment you feel the flow, the next you don’t know. Hm, what to do? Go right or go left? Choices, choices, so annoying at times. Emotions fluctuate as you move in internal rhythms, lost in your inner world. Remember to exercise your will even if you cannot seem to make up your mind. Try, and then if it doesn’t work, change course quickly.

Aries or Aries rising:

Feeling restless? No wonder. This is a full moon that takes you over the moon, to the point that you might feel exhausted. Breathe and read a book. This will calm your mind. Or go for a long walk in nature and be inspired to find out exactly why it is you landed on this planet. The answer is there, if you have the ears to hear.

Taurus or Taurus rising:

What is hidden will be revealed. But you will think about it for a little while though. Perhaps you even need to go really deep and block out all the other opinions so that you can make up your mind of what is essentially important for you to communicate and what is simply noise coming from your own fears. Now’s the time to go deeper and enjoy a wholesome sensuality in your own life. This will be a Full Moon where you will understand what is keeping you from true intimacy, both in friendships and in love.

Gemini or Gemini rising:

Oh, that was a lot of energy. Emotions going crazy by the constant disturbance of other people. Ah well, perhaps you are feeling a strong urge to have more freedom and they just mirror your incapacity to set proper boundaries. Say it, and be free! And then go enjoy a deep conversation with someone who knows what you truly need. A wise person.

Cancer or Cancer rising:

Yes, I know. You mostly want to hide in your comfortzone, but it is time to change some basic routines and not opt for the easiest and seemingly quickest way out. Proper routines will make it easier for you to relax and to get some quality sleep for a change. Break a sweat. You won’t regret it.

Leo or Leo Rising:

Wow, that is one feisty creative impulse. Hope it goes somewhere. You are abundant with ideas as to how your magnificent self can create a better future. It seems however that you need to let go of the need to have someone else validate those very dreams. Rest as well. Nothing good comes out of an exhausted shell.

Virgo or Virgo rising:

Other people or commitments might prevent you from getting proper time for yourself, but don’t let it become an excuse. Be brave and make bold choices. And make sure that even though your are currently flattered by the impact of another, don’t be fooled. It ain’t gold all that glitters, but some of it is. So how to make out the difference? Well, register how it makes you feel. If it feels good for you, continue.

Libra or Libra rising:

With Mars in your sign, it hasn’t been easy to stay diplomatic lately. It is time to set yourself free and say it as it is. Don’t sugarcoat it. That is easy for you. If you are in a place where you need to make choices, don’t run to your conclusions. The whole pictures hasn’t been revealed yet. But it will soon.

Scorpio or Scorpio rising:

Your addictions to other people is ripe to release. Be loyal to your truth even if it costs you a relationship. Right now you are trying to balance out what you can control with what is beyond your control. Come back to your body and your talents. That is where you actually can have some control. Shine. We want to see you.