“I came to you about 10 years ago and then, I would have never believed what you said then, but the last  10 years proved you right. You were right about everything.”

“So, After learning from her webinars and benefiting from her online meditations, I have come to realize this; Sol’s work is a powerful blend of the theoretical and the researched, seamlessly merged with down to earth, in the here and the now, wisdom. Her head + heart teaching is a true gift.”

Carolyn Sharon Cornish¨

“I heard through my reading, and it is even better than I remembered! I am certain that you help a lot of people with what you do. Impressive!”

Kjerstin Ørn

“Thank you so much again Sol- you are a healer So amazing how you tap in!  B.B”

“Thank you so much for another amazing session Sol. You’ve really helped me understand the different parts of myself more deeply and given me practical ways of engaging with them and honouring them – I look forward to my orchestra starting to play more of the same tune together! I feel inspired, more human and more at peace. Thank you for your wisdom, empathy and great humour!

All the best, Eleanor”

“Soulflow with you was incredibly healing for me – I never knew what to expect and each time a buried childhood wound was revealed to me that I needed to uncover in order to shine my own light and love on it. I didn’t realize so much of my inability to receive started so early. By becoming aware of the seeds of my wounding has allowed profound healing to begin…thank you Sol for holding such a beautiful, safe space for me to explore my soul’s journey. I feel extremely grateful to be able to connect with you ” M.C

Did you ever get your heart broken? Have it drop to the floor and break like glass, leaving a hollow space of sorrow [...]

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