Outer Planets in Transit

$ 40

Outer Planets in Transit and how to survive and stay sane when they touch your life in way you could have not imagined.


Currently yours truly have been going through some interesting transits and out comes the urge to share. Astrology is an amazing tool to be conscious and aware of every cycle and to use even the most challenging of times as an opportunity to rest, heal, learn more, explore, change and restore.

Evolution was never easy and with the navigational tool of astrology we are not entirely lost. All transits come to an end and just knowing this and trusting this can help us greatly move through the motions with grace.

In this class we will look at Chiron, Uranus, Pluto (another special class on Pluto is coming up since it requires extra attention, but I will explore the Pluto link here too) and Eris’ transits to crucial points in a natal chart.

As usual I will use charts from volunteers.

Time: Sunday May 1st at 6 pm CET-1 (Oslo time)

EST: 12 pm

PST: 10 am

UK: 5 pm

Australia and New Zealanders are most likely sleeping, but this class will be uploaded the same day to Vimeo and link will be provided for those who are eager to join, but also prefers their nightly sleep.

Price: 40 US$

Duration: 3.5 hours. (I might go a bit over time. That happens)


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