Tara Aal and Sol W Jonassen come together to honor the transits of Pluto to the natal chart with a class that takes a creative look on how you can work successfully with these transits and come out renewed, reborn and rebooted. Pluto takes a deep dive into what feels like all the lives ever lived and unearths the deepest complexes in the psyche to heal the severance between the soul and the persona and realign life so that the inner motivation and the outer manifestation is once again operational.

Pluto changes the surface of your life by moving the psychological tectonic armor and moves you out of crystalized patterns that no longer serve life. This in itself is both terrifying and rejuvenating, most likely both at once. But to resist is futile and people who have gone through a long Pluto-transit know very well how little power lies in resistance. Pluto urges you to look into the deepest aspect of yourself to find healing. However, without a conscious approach or know-how, to deal with Pluto can be a Herculean task of stumble and fall. And it can equally destroy a life as it can rebuild it.

That is why the two astrologers wanted to get together and share the Pluto Survival Kit. Specially designed to fit any Pluto transit or for those who cannot escape the presence of transformation thanks to a natal signature heavy with either Scorpio or infused by Pluto itself.

Join us for this 3- hour ride through the Halls of Hades. We are wearing headlights and promise a safe, wholesome and creative journey.

Date is 20th and time is 10 am PT, 1 pm EST and 7 pm GMT+1

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