”To know yourself is valuable beyond words. Being true to yourself equals health and abundance. If you say yes to life, life says yes to you too. And by saying yes, you automatically makes it easier for others to do the same”

I love my work. I love to see people get stronger, more capable of tapping into their talents and be more successfull in their lives, not just in their work, but in their private life as well. As mothers, fathers, women, men, in love, out of marriage, in a marrige. As daughters and sons of their parents. And more successfull in dealing with the many aspects of life that so easily can kill our spirit. That is success in my book. It is not a price to hang on your wall, but a feeling of having done what one should’ve and could’ve done, and have courage to let go of the rest.

Nothing feels better than seeing this growth. It is our birth right to grow and to lead a life that opens up for greater love and deeper meaning. It is healthy. And life-affirming for others.

It is truly a win-win situation and today the world needs self-sufficient healthy human beings more than ever.

Astrology is a tool for healing and growth, and through looking at the dynamics of the chart, we gain access to information that can give a healing perspective in any situation, be it love, work or self exploration.

Thank you for surfing by and I look forward to working with you.

TIL MINE NORSKE KUNDER: http://sol-with.com/norske-kunder/


Evolutionary Reading

This 90-minutes reading is a perfect format for those who haven’t had their charts done before. This reading covers the basic evolutionary themes of the chart and there is an opportunity to work in depth with particular themes you want to focus in on.


An in-depth astrological reading based on the principles of evolutionary astrology to understand the karmic patterns that express themselves in the chart. Also included are transits and progressions to see what exactly this particular creative process you go through for the moment.

Follow-Up Reading

If you want to focus in on particular parts of your life and create a conscious change. A one hour format that also fits those who wish to check their upcoming year.

Follow-Up Reading


A reading for the two of you in order to enlighten parts of the relationship dynamic that is challenging and to focus in on the deeper resources and creative meaning of the relationship


SoulFlow is a therapeutic method to work with archetypes, or sub-personality within, to create flow and healing. We learn through exploring the astrological chart that we are complicated beings with numerous sub-personalities. These different sides of ourselves sometimes collide and create confusion and frustration.

Our path in life also conditioned by where and how we were brought up. Traumas and addictions can also take away the opportunity to shine our light.

SoulFlow is a method that combines psychosynthesis and meditation and it has evolved out of the work of Gordon Davidson, psychosynthesis by Roberto Assiagioli and energy psychology, and it was introduced to the world through Kenneth Sørensen and Søren Hauge.

Psychosynthesis is defined as the intergration of separated elements of the psyche or personality and through the creative meditative techniques of SoulFlow, the guide holds a loving space to facilitate the inner communication that is healing. We establish a direct line between the subconscious, the conscious Self and the higher Self.

It is a perfect tool to work through the astrological dynamics, especially in areas where you feel your are stuck or stagnated and it is easily done through SKYPE.


Sol was born into a family of astrology and first learnt the art through her Aries father as a teenager. She took the studies further and has studied with Alan Oken, Noel Tyl and Maurice Fernandez to mention some. She started working as an astrologer in 1999 and has since given lectures around the world, for Norwac, River of Stars, EA and OPA. She is a licensed Soul Flow Therapist, a trained meditation instructor and licenced energy healer and she combines all these into her work. Other than that she teaches online, maintains a youtube channel, is an OPA representant for Norway and hosts the annual astrology conference Polaris in Oslo. She has a thriving practice in the beautiful city of Bergen and works with clients all over the world through SKYPE.


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