Astrology and Energy!

The Sun is radiance and the Moon magnetism. But what about the other planets? Mars? Venus?

In this workshop we will look at the planets as expression of energy. Simple and very useful when trying to understand the natal chart, synastry and transits.

Every person is an energy.

The chart can be utilized in a healing manner as you grow in your understanding of the energy of the chart. The different vibrations, planetary timezones/dimensions and chakras that are embodied during a transit or present in the birth chart can reveal a lot about your way of being in the world.

Medical astrology is all about energy. Which center/chakra/organ is activated, which is pressured, which is depleted. Where are the imbalances, and how can we heal them. The chart reveals a lot of information about the timing of disease/imbalance and with astrology we can find a guide to align.

Mental health the same. We are all disposed according to the natural spectrum of our energy, and under pressure disease can occur, either as a sign that we need to realign or as a teacher that helps us individualize and follow our own gut. Or both.

The mode of the chart pops out once we get to the core of the fire, air, earth and water understanding. But there is more. Cardinal energy performs differently than mutable. Fixed energy behaves differently than cardinal from a pure energy perspective.

When these aspects are understood, you get a deeper understanding of your own energy mode and what you need to apply if any element is lacking. It can also unlock a deeper understanding of vital relationships that you have in your life and how to approach a person who comes from a different «planet»

This class we will cover the energy aspect of the elements, the modalities, and the planets.

There will be a meditation to begin.

It will be on zoom and ir will be recorded
35 US$