A composite chart is a midpoint chart between two people, creating a third energy, or chart. In order to establish a firm understanding of any relationship, first we look at the individual chart to find out what relationships needs and karmic imprints that exists, then we look at the synastry and then we add the composite chart to get a deeper feeling with the soul of and purpose of the relationship. These many layers can feel overwhelming to look at, but with a trained eye you will manage to see the essence more easily. And communicate it to your clients with ease.

We will also cover the composite asteroids and see how they play out in a relationship, whether it is romantic, platonic or family.

The transits to the composite chart is showing us important events occurring in the relationship that can highlight positive periods or challenging events and through my experience and study on this I have found that there is a gap in the knowledge around transits to composites in the world of astrology. I think it is so important to be aware of the potency of these transits, that we will go through numerous examples just to give you an idea.

If you already have a curious mind for synastry and couple’s astrology, this is the perfect workshop for you.

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The date is the 21st of February 2021 at 12 pm EST.