January 2017

Evolutionary Astrology basics


In Evolutionary astrology we work with what we call the Evolutionary Levels (consensus, individuated and spiritual) A simple observation of life and we see that consciousness evolves and it expresses itself on many different levels. A cow and a human being can be born at the same location and at the same time, yet, the [...]

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November 2016

Healing crises


This has been a Scorpio month of incredible force, and A LOT of emotional luggage has been lifted up from the darkness into our conscious to see. Too much at times. Does not help very much that Neptune smeared itself into the South Node of Pisces, adding a whole new dimension of sensitivity to it. [...]

Healing crises2017-02-14T22:29:30+02:00

Scorpio Full Moon phase: The news of the passing of Leonard Cohen


We are well into Scorpio and in 3 days there is a full moon going down. In esoteric tradition, the full moon phase starts 3 days before and lasts 3 days after, offering an opportunity for a deeper connection with the Sun through meditation. The journey of earth through the zodiac is the hero's journey, [...]

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September 2016

Facebook: Sun-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, the Global Mind


The astrological chart of Facebook I am not so big on over-analyzing event charts, like “oh, jupiter in Virgo retrograde means that you will obsess over details”, even though when it comes to Facebook, that is certainly the norm. Most of us have been there, messing up post after post by editing comments. However, that [...]

Facebook: Sun-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, the Global Mind2019-09-20T16:23:06+02:00