This has been a Scorpio month of incredible force, and A LOT of emotional luggage has been lifted up from the darkness into our conscious to see. Too much at times. Does not help very much that Neptune smeared itself into the South Node of Pisces, adding a whole new dimension of sensitivity to it. We can translate these energies into being caught inside a womb of life that is poisonous. Global PTSD is now out in the open, we are no longer living in denial. Could this be it? The big awakening?  15036547_10154497546131226_5209655408438322038_n

We seem to look directly into a world that is wounded and hurt, and us earthlings have so much of pain in us. The pain of not being met. Of not being seen. Of occationally being triggered because the world is a complicated place full of complicated people in complicated lives.

And we seem to bump into each other. The planets collided to form each other and this is how we too, collide to form. Relationships, according to Tom Robbins, in not something we plan, it is a collision.And collisions, are known to hurt. They can shake our emotions so intensely that we freeze and go in trauma.Or they challenge our defense mechanisms so strongly that we immediately want to go into justification and blame.


In the face of woundedness, the feminine wants to protect, the masculine want to push further to have growth. Men have been barking at each other for eons, whereas women’s task was to hold the family together with love.

She wants to heal trough denying.  He by full confrontation.

In our society we use this feminine energy to strain free speech. We castrate each other in fear of offending anyone. It is an all-inclusive idea that is wonderful, but that cannot be applied all the time. It is a distortion of feminine love, the need for love and to always be loved. Love from a masculine point of view, sets free, sometimes by kicking ass or by pushing. Love from a feminine point of view holds back to nurture and make strong. Both is needed at different times. Separation and unity.

Women, and me included, seem to have a long way to go in order to allow life to be what it is. This is in astrological terms called Ceres: The Mother archetype. She is not one to let go easily. She wants to protect her daughter from trauma and abuse, and wants to hold her inside the womb forever. But life is movement, and there is no way she can hold her daughter forever.

Life happens. Our kids (or we) meet the devil in the human mind. The darkness. The rapists. The injustices. The violence. The teasing. The castrators. The moralist. The victims. The manipulators. The selfish ones. The war.

And then we meet ourselves.

The collective field is not perfect. It is not going to be perfect any time soon. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. Trump is not perfect. The election wasn’t perfect. Those people you collided with weren’t perfect. Nothing is what it should’ve been.

Accepting this is not excusing life, letting things go and letting the perpetrators to go on perpetrating. I think that accepting this creates perspective and wisdom, and from that center, we can act. And what we create then, is bigger and better and more shining than if we reacted from a place of pain.

In this world, many romantics, poets and sensitive people chose to withdraw, understandably enough. There just isn’t enough protection. And protection is important. But what is an ideal protection?

Personally I ask myself, do I build a wall or do I challenge my ability to transform?

The wall is the symbol of fear and of separation.

the_fortress_of_dros_delnoch_by_gaius31duke                                                                              Photo Credit: Gaius31

Transformation is a symbol of love. Of the ability to endure and work with whatever is there. Of the courage to look deeper and gain more strength through loving myself enough to see the truth, even if the truth is inconvenient. Love is holding space. It is truth.

In the face of truth, the inner struggle becomes clear. And my experience is that we all have something. This glitch on the inner levels of humanity, is now shown very clearly in the outer world.

Now, with the polarities growing so strongly, with us taking stand either for this or for that, humanity is facing its biggest challenge.

The Dalai Lama said it so beautifully in an article a colleague of mine posted today; “these are the times where our inner values will be tested”

And nothing tests them better than when we are in a situation where trauma is triggered. Which today is quite often.

Therefore I share again what I found useful myself, the thought seed for this Scorpio-Taurus full moon energy, still active.

“Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphantly”


Yes. We. Can

Scorpio is the solar plexus, and I’ll end with a little quote from Esoteric Healing by Bailey:

“The relation of this centre to the astral plane is acute. It is the recipient of all emotional reactions and of desire impulses and energies, and, because humanity is today becoming active in a group sense and is more inclusive than ever before in human history, the situation is one of acute and extreme difficulty. Mankind, through the individual and also through the collective solar plexus, is being subjected to almost unendurable pressure. Such are the test of initation!”

In other words, you are not alone with feeling it.

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