The astrological chart maps the psyche and a look into the dynamics, provides the consciousness that trigger new growth in itself. However, lurking in the sub-conscious we often get trapped in sub-personas that provide energetic challenges when we attempt to conquer ourselves and reach for the future.

The inner saboteur, victim, anarchist, rebel, critic or doomsdayer often try to tell us that we are better off not trying. Our inner creative child can be challenged by the inner mother or father, marked by history and often triggered by the obstacles or challenges that are in life. This inner drama can drain us from energy and take away the joy we were supposed to feel when living our dreams.

These sub-personas all have their own energy and from time to time they take over the operating control room in our brains, leading to us making poor choices or go straight into destruction.

Through guided meditations we work directly on the blockages that prevent you to access your true potential.

In order to benefit the most from this method, 3 consecutive sessions are recommended.

We use the astrological chart to begin with and from there we move into the actual healing.

Each session appr. 75-90 minutes and we never stop abruptly just because the clock is ticking. This is work that is treated beyond the clock. It is done when it is integrated and grounded and not before.

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